28. February 2009

Parola Park

Also known as Pressing Park named after the wife of former Mayor Loreto Urieta during his term. This park’s foremost attraction is a historic watchtower which allowed the natives to prey on Muslim vintas. Round the clock watchers and defenders stationed thereat signal or warn the people to hide while launching volleys of cannon fires to defend the town. Located in Lumang Bayan at Sablayan, it was erected in 1861. In 1896 it was equipped with bells to warn residents of impending raids. Later, a church was built which withstood the elements for ten brief years, but which is now in ruins. A cannon used to defend the town is all that stands at a promontory to remind generations of its past. Today, a lighthouse and old cannon could still be found there. The park offers the best sunset view in town. It can be reached in 3 hours from the San Jose airport by bus.

overlooking of Pandan Island from Parola Park

Parola Park

New Lighthouse



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