11. October 2009

Patar Beach Bolinao, Pangasinan

Patar is one of the fine beaches in Luzon. Situated at the northwestern tip of Pangasinan and Lingayen Gulf, the scenic town of Bolinao boasts of a number of pristine beaches regarded to be some of the bests in the province. An au fait traveler should have known by now that the towns Patar beach tops the list of must visit place in this part of the province. The white beach in Barangay Patar is a scenic spot ideal for tourism purposes.

Considered as a hidden treasure of Bolinao, Patar beach is a gem for the beach bums and the nature lovers as well. Though its sand may not be as pure white and refined as that of Boracays, its clear aquamarine waters and unspoiled surroundings are as inviting as any of the top beaches in the country. For travelers who constantly avoid crowded and over-developed beaches, the Patar beach of Bolinao is the best fit.

There are several resorts along the beach that offer decent rates for budget travelers. Most of these resorts in Patar are made of the typical bamboo and palm huts which add to the bucolic charm of this tourist spot.

But before you’ll get to paradise, you’ll have to encounter first a rough road that is really worth around 30 minutes of your time. The tourism infrastructures are not yet well developed but there are several resorts near the white beach. There is an old lighthouse that stands on a hill near the beach which is the landmark of the place. Going farther from the shoreline are cliffs and picturesque rock-formations. Moreover, the locals are friendly and helpful to the tourists. Certainly an idyllic place for a vacation get-away.


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1. berly magno commented on January 29, 2010 at 10:38 am

hi wud sum1 cud be kind and wil teach me how to get to patar beaches through public transpo tnx

You can take a bus (dagupan bus line, vicotory liner, Etc…) going to bolinao from the bus station in bolinao take a trike going to Patar Beach (Markey)

2. berly magno commented on February 03, 2010 at 7:27 am

hi.. tnx 4 d answer it wud be much kind if u recommend me one of best resort in patar wid affordable rates…

Sorry no resort sponsoring this site so i cant recommend one. but the long stretch of white beach of Patar has a lot of resort that will fit your budget (Markey)

3. Sharon commented on February 15, 2010 at 1:20 am

hi, were going to bolinao this weekend. Do you have any idea of the tryk fare from Bolinao bus station to Patar whitebeach? Tnx.

for my trip trike was 300php (Bolinao-patar-bolinao) -Markey

4. Jenilyn Malinao commented on March 22, 2010 at 6:09 pm

My family and I are going to Pangasinan. But we’re going first to Manaog Church. How long it would take to reach the Patar Beach Bolinao from Manaog? Is it the trike only the vehicle that can reach the beach or we can also use the van or car? and can you give the commonly price range of the entrance fee of some beach there. Thank you! ­čÖé

5. arnie trinidad commented on June 07, 2010 at 4:22 am

i just came from bolinao two weeks ago. my friends and i stayed in a sorry excuse for a resort called bing’s. the beach front was fine, plus there were not much people in the resort so it was generally okay but the accommodations were just horrible (especially the toilets. it was also extremely pricey. but patar was a welcome discovery. we hied off to patar the day before we left. we regretted having postponed the trip to patar until our last day. the beach in patar was just wonderful. the sands were powdery white, the waters, aquamarine. i am definitely going back to patar one of these days.

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