11. July 2009

Marine Sanctuary, Anilao Batangas

A marine sanctuary is located near the shore which is considered as the best known feeding station in Anilao.

Most diving consists of coral slopes, steeps, drop-offs and shallow coral gardens inter-twined with sandy patches. Fish and coral life is quite abundant. Macrophotography is highly suggested, as it can be very rewarding. Anilao has some of the highest concentration of diverse marine life on the planet, including over 90% of the coral species on the planet and a staggering number of different species of nudibranch. The diving conditions in Anilao are ideal for beginner to advanced divers. The water temperatures are very comfortable year-round, ranging from about 26-28C during summer to 22-26C during the winter, allowing for diving in skin suits or 3mm wetsuits. The visibility is very good, about 60ft. on average, and underwater currents can vary from virtually non-existent to strong, although the surface tends to remain relatively calm.

Under water pictures from Aldwin Manaig,


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