16. March 2009

Apo Island, Occidental Mindoro

The Apo Island is part of the three islands of Apo Reef, the other two islands are the Apo Menor also known as Binangaan Island, and Caios del Bajo. Apo Island’s white sand beach and the physical attributes of island offer tourists a wholesome place for rest and recreation. Since Apo Island is an isolated place don’t expect any resort.

Its main attraction is its immaculate stretch of white sand beach, whose pristine quality rivals even that of more celebrated Boracay. In fact, it offers the sand and water of Boracay without the crowds and dizzying array of gaudy resorts. The waters around the island are shallow and temperate, making it superb for leisurely swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving.

On Apo Island you will see a 35 meter lighthouse, which is used to ward of unsuspecting boats. The Apo National Park has a station on the island which is manned by rangers.

The Apo Reef Natural Park is a government protected natural park consists of the three islands. Apo Island is the largest among the three islands. It has a shallow lagoon with a depth of 2 meters to 10 meters surrounded by mangrove forest which serves as source of food, nursery and spawning ground of several coastal and marine species of fauna and sanctuary of birds.

Apo Reef is a series of coral reefs encompassing 34 square kilometers within the waters of Occidental Mindoro in the Philippines. It is the second largest contiguous reef in the world after the Great Barrier Reef and the largest in the country.


Shore line of Apo Island

Shore line of Apo Island

Shore line of Apo Island


Shore line of Apo Island

Shore line of Apo Island



Sunset at Apo Island

Sunset at Apo Island

Sunrise at Apo Island

Sunrise at Apo Island


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ang ganda ng lugar

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