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Get rid of your bulky towel during travel.  Towelite is compact, super absorbent and quick dry! It is also hypoallergenic, gentle to the skin and will not cause skin irritations. This is made from high end materials and comes with a mesh pouch. Similar sports towels are sold in malls for 950 pesos up. Available in eight vibrant colors. It’s the perfect towel for travel, sports and any outdoor activities!

The ultrafine microfiber towel that gives great comfortand absorption. Towelite can be folded into an incredibly small size, yet it provide absorbency than a traditional towel. Its enhances capillary action allows it to absorb water up to 5 times its weight.

Towelite dries up much faster than an ordinary towel; 90% of the water can be removed just by wringing it.


Towelite has 3 distinct qualities:


You can fold Towelite a couple of times and would just look like a hand towel.  It’s handy in a way that you won’t feel the weight of it as it’s just 1/3 the size of a normal cotton towel.  One of the biggest hassles and problems that I always seem to encounter is that normal towels are just too thick and inconvenient to carry around especially when you have limited space in your bag or luggage.  With Towelite, I think this problem is solved.   How cool is that!


Towelite is also very absorbent, and considering that it is thinner and lighter than normal towels out there, it’s really amazing to see how much liquid and moisture it can really absorb and hold.  It’s like a vacuum that it practically absorbs water up to 5 times its weight!  Wow!  You might be wondering that it might just absorb about anything including bacteria.  Don’t fret as the product has antibacterial properties that inhibit bacterial growth.  Pretty cool, I must say.

Quick Dry

Towelite also dries very fast.  You just wring the towel and 90% of the water can be removed from it.  Just like magic huh?  hahaha!  I can actually imagine that the owner should make a pretty good demo in department stores.  Remember the demo counters in the mall?  I think Towelite is a perfect product for those!  A lot of people will be convinced, I’m sure.


Towelite comes in 4 sizes and 8 colors:

BEACH TOWEL (30*60in| 76*152cm) Weight: 200g @ 695 Php
BATH TOWEL (24*48in| 60*120cm) Weight: 150g @ 550 Php
SPORTS TOWEL (18*36in| 45*90cm) Weight 90g @ 295 Php
HAND TOWEL (12*24in| 30*60cm) Weight: 50g @ 180 Php

Colors available: Deep Pink, Pansy Purple, Orange, Lemon Yellow, Dark Blue, Aqua Blue, Forest Green, Gray


Buy now you may Text or Email me for your orders!

  • 09178426275

Shipping and handling for this item is 150Php. You can deposit the payment at any BDO, HSBC Bank, Credit Card thru PayPal and Gcash. You will recieve the item within 3days after payment confirmation.




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