Explore Bolinao, Pangasinan


I remember when I was little, every summer we have a Bolinao trip to check our rice farm and Sinegwelas farm (Spanish plum). During those early years I never explore Bolinao till the summer trip to Bolinao was stop because we only wait for the harvested crop to be delivered to our house.

Now Im so eager to explore Bolinao. I want to visit those places that I visited during my childhood years and some how see the changes. So I made this tourist spot list that I want to visit.

Interesting Places in Bolinao (Tourist Spots):

  • Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
  • Portuguese Point and Lighthouse
  • Bolinao National Museum
  • Church Of St. James Fortress (The Bolinao Church)
  • Bolinao Marine Laboratory (UP Marine Science Institute)
  • Santiago Island
  • Silaqui Island (Isla Silaki)
  • Binabalian Island
  • Enchanting Cave
  • Cindy’s Cave
  • Wonderful Cave
  • Tara Falls
  • Bolinao Falls
  • Fatima Hill
  • Patar Beach
  • Guiguiwanen Beach
  • Balingasay Beach
  • Abrac Beach

Please let me know if I missed anything.




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