Adarna Food and Culture Restaurant

Adarna Food and Culture is a restaurant that celebrates Filipino culinary heritage by serving historical, regional and heirloom recipes in a warm, elegant and homey setting. Every table offers a special view of the place with its collection of Filipino memorabilia.

Hosts are on hand to provide each guest with efficient and polite service to make dining pleasurable and worry-free. Adarna serves a selection of dishes based on the accounts of old family cooks, descendants of families with culinary traditions and old Filipino cookbooks.


The restaurant commonly uses organic ingredients. It uses no MSG, artificial flavors, seasonings and preservatives. All ingredients that can be sourced locally and from their points of origin are used.

Traditional cooking methods are applied in a modern kitchen that observes strict sanitary standards to ensure that the food served is safe and clean. Adarna regularly offers new dishes on its menu to celebrate the diverse culinary traditions of the country for its guests to discover and enjoy.


My over all experience

Adarna is a pleasant experience for me, The ambiance itself was exceptional. I love how Adarna preserve the antique memorabilia. The food is great I went home satisfied and even texted few friends to try it out. Aside from the food and ambiance the staff of Adarna are courteous and I must say that they provided me with an exceptional customer service and even find time to tour us around and give us brief back ground of the memorabilia’s displayed

Experience Adarna Food and Culture Restaurant:

Location: 119 Kalayaan Avenue Diliman Quezon City Philippines

Features: Lunch, Dinner, Offers vegetarian items, Has smoking area, Function rooms, Bar list, also serve merienda fare between 3-6pm except on Sundays.

Business Hours: 11:30 AM-10:30 PM Monday to Sunday

Contact No. : +639179618113 or +6329268712



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