Capones Lighthouse, Zambales

My side trip in Capones Island is such an amazing adventure. The first time that I visited a lighthouse was in Macau and from there on I promise my self that I will visit more lighthouse in the future, this is because of the magnificent beauty on top (over looking the whole island, a scenic moment that you only see in postcards).

Capones Island Lighthouse
The light from the Faro de Punta Capones, or Capones Island Lighthouse, has been used for more than a century to search for and guide ships into Subic and Manila Bays. The west coast of Manila has regular runs of shipping heading to and from the Philippines northern neighbors.

The lighthouse is perched 53 m above sea level. The actual lighthouse tower is 15.3m high and the views from up here are sensational.

It took seven (7) years to build the Capones Lighthouse and it went into operation in 1890.

Now a days the lighthouse is in need of some tender loving care, the caretakers house which forms part of the lighthouse structure looks very decrepit and in urgent need of repairs. The light is powered by the sun, with solar cells in charge of ensuring safe passage to passing ships.

If you get out to Capones Island make the effort and climb to the Lighthouse, I know it is a bit of a hike from the beach, but its all worth it.

How do I get to Capones Island?
As I’ve said a while ago Capones Island is just a side trip so you could refer to my trip to Anawangin because we just add a little amount to our boatman(bangkero) just to get into the island. Capones Island does not have any infrastructure, no resorts, no hotels, no shops, just you and the beauty of Capones Island. So I strongly suggest that you should camp on Anawangin because there’s no trees on the shores of Capones Island and you might as well enjoy the beauty of the camping scene in Anawangin.

Entance of the lighthouseEntance of the lighthouse

Front View of the Lighthouse

Front View of the Lighthouse

Front View of the Lighthouse

Front View of the Lighthouse

Front View of the Lighthouse

Front View of the Lighthouse

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