San Juan Bautista Church

San Juan Bautista Church

Tabaco City

Declared by the National Museum as one of the National Cultural Treasures, this church was built by the secular clergy in 19th century. Its belltower features rocaille elements dated from an earlier time. The church has an unusual floor plan, with compartments that are inexplicable as of now. The stones on the walls bear masons’ marks, rarely seen elsewhere in this country.


Busay Falls

It is considered as one of the highest water falls in the country because of its seven-tiered cascading white foam. It is estimated to have a total height of 800 feet from the top. The first catch basin could be a nice place to bath but another catch basin forms below where hundreds of bathers could refresh from the scorching heat of summer. It is accessible only by foot trail.

Tucked-away deep inside the barrios of Malilipot, Albay is Busay Falls, a favorite gathering place for the locals, especially during the hot summer months (March – June).  The water plunges approximately 91 meters from its highest point, and the last 40m cascade is visible from the clear shallow pool at the bottom.

Although Busay is smaller in size when compared to other popular waterfalls in Albay, the enclosed surrounding area, the forest canopy and sound of the plunging water makes for a cozy and relaxing ambience. It is largely undeveloped.







Cagsawa Ruins

For almost two centuries the Cagsawa Ruins has stood as a symbol of Bicol region’s impressive landscape, rich history and the people’s strength and resiliency to face and to rise from the ravages of Mother Nature.

Cagsawa Ruins Park is one of the most visited places in the area. From this point tourists are afforded with an unhampered view of the majestic Mayon Volcano with its world renowned perfect cone.

Folklore states that originally Kagsawa was derived from the word “KAG” meaning owner and “SAWA” meaning python. Kagsawa could also mean excesses or too much. The February 1, 1814 Mayon eruption was said to be a divine justice for the people’s overindulgence.

The 1814 eruption was recorded to be worst eruption of Mt. Mayon. Some 1,200 people who took refuge and sought the sanctuary of the church during the eruption all died when the church was engulfed by the flowing lava.

Only the Cagsawa church belfry remains today. It is a grim reminder of the events that took place and many people come to see the belfry as a reminder of times past. Through all the developments done by the local government, the Cagsawa church belfry remains standing, with the giant stones spewed by Mt. Mayon around and with the history of the region buried underneath.

The place is now called Cagsawa Park. It is managed today by the municipal government of Daraga, Albay.

At the entrance of the park visitors will find a wide variety of souvenir shops and stalls which showcase native products and handicrafts. A wide selection of T-shirts with native scenes and designs are also available.

Cagsawa Park now boasts a modest sized swimming pool with plenty of loungers where visitors can laze and gaze at the majestic vista of Mt. Mayon.

Plants and flower lovers will be thrilled with the display of exotic flowers and orchids that are on sale. One needs to be a good haggler though to get a good buy.


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Bagasbas Summer Surf Festival

The event: Bagasbas Summer Surf Festival, Bagasbas Beach, Daet, Camarines Norte

The date: April 4-5, 2009. registration starts 8am

What to expect:

Surf Clinics

Have your first taste of surfing, that incomparable feel of walking on water, and it will get you stoked! You’ll be clamoring for more after this. One session will never be enough.

Upon registration, you will be given a time slot for your session. Hold on to it, check-in at your hotel, change and head to the beach. While waiting for your slot, the beach activities are guaranteed to keep you pumped with beach adrenaline!

Sport Climbing

Check out the National Climbing Competition or go face to face with the climbing wall! The country’s best climbers are flocking from all over the Philippines to join the Sport Climbing Association of the Philippines’ National Selections. If you want to be inspired, then this is it. If you want to check out how inspired you are, then go over to the interactive side of the climbing wall and try the wall for yourself!

Beach Ultimate Frisbee

Dive into the sand or watch the pro’s do it. The Philippine Ultimate Association will be holding a special invitational tournament for the top teams in Ultimate Frisbee. Catch high flying action on the beach, and better yet, learn the skills as the pros hold clinics on the beach… FOR YOU. It’s not hard to learn, and before the week end is over, you’ll be joined up with other newbies for a special starter’s game.

Beach Volleyball

Dig and dig as the spikes force you to get down and dirty! Beach volleyball needs no intro, as one of the classic beach sports since the 80’s. My suggestion, form a team while it’s early, call the assigned coordinator from Progressive Volleyball Center below and assure yourselves of a slot before they run out! Clinics to learn the sport? Yes we will hold them if the 2 courts won’t be filled with competitive games.

How much to join?

Ok be ready for this… it’s P500.

What you get:

1. One surf session, inclusive of board rental and instructor
2. One event shirt
3. The right to officially enter your competition of choice
4. The right to officially enter the other competitions
5. The right to join the clinics offered
6. One pair of MOJO slippers
7. A great beach party with Coffee Break Island pumping reggae and ska beats into the summer night
8. All in all, a GREAT DEAL!

So who do you contact?

For the surf session, just come to the beach and sign up on the spot.  The event is at Bagasbas Beach, Daet, Camarines Norte. The registration will be
at the beach.

For official entry into the tournaments:

Sport Climbing : Crissie Malay 0915-9949004, Mackie Makinano 0927-7385492

Beach Ultimate : Ipe Borja 0917-8832223/ 0922-8666232

Beach Volleyball : Ariel Joaquin 0917-5315849/ 0922-2342982

For help on directions, places to stay at the beach or in town:
Camarines Norte Tourism Council: 054-7213087
Edgardo “Boy” R. Reyes, Prov Tourism Officer: 0916-5783096
For general Email inquiries, contact



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