This was the nth time that I visited Vigan honestly I tried food tripping here but mostly for empanada, longanisa and sweets that Vigan offers.

To jump start our day we eat at the Food Junction at Jacinto Street, near Plaza Burgos. This area is a row of stalls selling different kinds of ilocano foods. One of my friend ordered Sinanglaw and get very curious about the taste so I also ordered Sinanglaw.

Sinanglaw, an Ilocano popular dish and this dish is a beef and beef offal soup. The taste is really different I must say a signature dish for Vigan. For me it was a mixture of Sinigang and Nilaga uniquely pinoy taste. Just for curiosity  I asked the owner of the store  how they cooked the Sinanglaw and they just smiled at me and say secret, fair enough maybe they taught ill put up store beside them and offer Sinanglaw too



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